Awards are earned as you progress through courses. Aim to earn them all! Your awards are visible to others in your profile.

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Los premios se asignan automáticamente a medida que avanza y gana puntos y experiencia. para artículos adquiribles, visite la tienda .

Historia de premios

Tus premios y los disponibles

Forty out of Forty

Scored 40 correct out of 40 in a round.

Thirty out of Thirty

Scored 30 correct out of 30 in a round.

Twenty out of Twenty

Scored 20 correct out of 20 in a round.

Ten out of Ten

Scored 10 correct out of 10 in a round.

Experimental Algorithm User

This user opted in to try out Memory's latest experimental algorithm.

Created first folder

Created first folder

Created first Classroom

This user created their very first classroom

Became Teacher

This user registered as a teacher for the ability to add classrooms

Advanced Course Creator

User is authorised as an advanced course creator with the ability to add chapters

Created First Advanced Routing

User has created their first routing in a level in advanced mode

Course Creator - First Course

You have created your own course

All Awards

You have completed every award.

Streak of One Year

Streak of 365 consecutive days played

Streak of 100

Streak of 100 consecutive days played

Streak of 50

Streak of 50 consecutive days played

Streak of 10

Streak of 10 consecutive days played

Streak of 5

Streak of 5 consecutive days played

Course Creator - 10 Courses

You have created more than 10 courses

1000 Questions Learned

User has learned 1000 questions

Streak of 2

Streak of 2 consecutive days played

100 Questions Learned

User has learned 100 questions

One of the first

One of the first to sign up for Memory

Top 10000


Top 1000


Top 100


Standard Courses Complete


Validated Expert

You corrected question and answer contributions have been recognised as significant

Grand Course Corrector

You have been manually recognised as a significant contributor to our corrections departmented


You have contributed many corrected answers to courses

Great Accuracy

You have achieved a high degree of accuracy.

Quick Reactions

You are quick to react when you see a question

Hall of Fame

By way of experience and performance, you are part of the Memory hall of fame

Helpful User

You have been identified as a helpful user in the forums

Fast Typist

Earn this award by typing really quickly in 'typing' questions.


Complete 4 or more language courses to 100% to earn this award.

Expert Languages

Over 100k answers submitted in language courses

Expert Science


Expert Maths

You are highly skilled at maths courses

En llamas

You are achieving consistently high scores and have a good daily streak



Top Poster

You are a regular contributor to the Memory forums

Forum Moderator

You are an authorised Memory Forum moderator

Memory Staff

You are a member of the Memory team

Top Social Contributor

You have a high contribution level to the social aspects