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Duolingo is a great application, Memory offers customised spaced repetition with your own contentWe do things differently at Memory.

We find users either use one or the other, or both.

Duo lingo is addictive, fun and the most accessible platform there is.

Memory doesn't try to compete with that. Whilst we have our own introductory courses, Memory is designed for those on a langauge learning path where they are learning new vocabulary on a regular basis, and need tools to divide their learning time.

Duolingo is a far bigger site than Memory.com which caters to mass markets. Memory, is more of a niche platform for those have a specialist requirement of custom content, customised spaced repetition, and multiple studying modes all available from the same content (such as Flashcards or multiple choice). Memory also offers highly configurable algorithm settings for advanced spaced repetition users.

We cannot offer language courses of the same completion and perfection as sites such as Duolingo, and if you are investing time in Memory, you should understand that it is a site that is designed for those who wish to learn their own material, as opposed to absolute beginners who want a hand-holding experience.

i.e. Spaced repetition

Duoligo, whilst being fun and engaging, may give you a broad aspect of learning that is not suitable to your goals.